Aging With Grace

This quote has so much meaning to it. If your heart is full of love then your soul will be beautiful too. Through the years of aging, I’ve learned beauty really is deep within us and will radiate from within.

I’ve come to the conclusion, at the age of 52, it is okay to have silver hair coming in. Take it in and OWN it.

Accept the changes with grace.

Accept the wrinkles, our bodies changing, and our bones speaking to us.

No one knows the walk you’ve had to take to get where you are now.

Yes, stress, hardships, and trials can take a heavy toll on you. You survived!

What matters is your attitude and how you look at the numbers. It’s just that, NUMBERS! If your mind is focused on living the best life you can til Jesus comes for you then live it to the fullest with patience, grace, love, and humbleness.

Soon, it will be time for my husband to retire, and whether we relax and travel or continue working for a little longer, we know that aging gracefully together is a blessing. Silver is beautiful and yes we’ve accepted it.

Written by Tamera Boynton

Remember, as we age we are allowed to slow down and take in the beauty of the small things in life we normally don’t see.

Let go of what you are not in control of and accept it is in God’s hands if you allow Him to be.

Be strong in your faith and hope.

Communicate often to the Lord and let him know what is heavy on your heart, mind and deep within your soul.

Accept there is no such thing as absolute perfection in your life or of others.

Be loving and forgiving to others.

Be silent, listen for God’s words, and take in each day with a humble heart and thankfulness.

He knows what will take place in our lives from the beginning to the end. So, why use up your energy on this.

 But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

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Welcome to Walking In Grace By Faith. I created my blog to share Christian Devotionals, Scriptures, and Testimonials. I am a Wife, Mom, Substitute Teacher, Grandma, Blogger. My hobbies are many, ranging from Traveling all over by plane or car with my husband. Pinterest, Facebook, Cooking, Crafting, Painting, and much more. My life is busy with traveling and adventuring with my husband. Posts will be random and I do share other posts from other sites when I can. If you would like to view my blog and follow along, feel free to send a request to do so.

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