Looking Ahead To A New Year


But one thing I do it is my one aspiration, forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.  Philippians 3:13


How was your year 2018? Perhaps it was busy, a difficult one, or maybe life went smoothly and lots of new and exciting things came into your life. Either way, it is ending and a New Year 2019 is quickly coming upon us.

I am sure there are things we don’t want to look back at this past year and find things we regret, but mere regret can be self-defeating to us. Look at things that may have been a waste of time or non-productive for you and make those changes and adjustments. Taking out negative, toxic habits or people from our lives would be a start. Choose joy and happiness first and all will calm together.

Don’t take the past year into the new one. Our future has no room for negative or bad memories. I understand you cannot wipe away the death of a loved one, or a tragedy that may have taken place, but you can honor your loved ones with good memories.

Enter the new year with a positive, expectant attitude that God has your life in his palms and sees the book of life in front of him on how your life will unfold and what will take place. We are not in control of the plans, God is. I have peace in everything that He will always be right by my side and blessing me with miracles, healings, and his over pouring love upon me.

Take a moment to Thank Him for all the small and big blessings, answered prayers and healings in your life. A moment of Gratitude can go a long way.

Blessings to you all in the New Year 2019!




Written by Tamera Boynton






LET MY PEACE RULE IN YOUR HEART, and be thankful. And let My Spirit help you in this challenging endeavor. The Spirit lives in you. So His fruit of Love, Joy, Peace, is always accessible to you. A simple way to request His help is to pray, “Holy Spirit, fill me with Your Peace.” Try sitting in a quiet place until you feel relaxed and calm. When you are thoroughly relaxed, it is easier to seek My Face and enjoy My Presence. While you rest in My Presence, take time to thank Me for the many good things I give you. As you focus on Me and my bountiful blessings, let your heart swell with gratitude and even leap for Joy! One of the most precious gifts imaginable is My robe of righteousness to cover your sins. This glorious garment of salvation is a priceless blessing for all who trust ME as Savior. The gift of eternal righteousness, purchased through My blood, provides a firm foundation for both Peace and Joy. 

Colossians 3:15  Galatians 5:22-23  Psalm 28:7  Isaiah 61:10




Shared by Sarah Young Jesus Always Pg. 380

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