Trusting God During Painful Times

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             He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.   Psalm 147:3


Trust God with your pain. It’s easy for me to trust Him with everything that happens in my life. Including the past hurts, betrayals, and a broken heart. When your faith is tested, pray to the Lord and ask for healing. Keep trusting Him and He will heal you. He will take our pain and turn it into something good as we continue to trust Him.

Everyone has past hurts and damages done to their heart, minds, souls, and well being. Mine was at a young age and up through adulthood. Now that I am older and much wiser, I have put some pretty big walls up and boundaries that are solid as steel. We are worthy. We are important and God loves us so much. Happiness is something you have to really work hard at but if you ask the Lord to help you He will. He’s taken the pain and the memories away and replaced it with His love and adoration.

Whether it be a broken marriage, loss of a loved one, an abusive childhood or relationship, whatever it is let God be the main focus and ask for His help.

If you have the right attitude, the pain can become your gain!




Written by Tamera Boynton







I AM YOUR LIVING GOD, far more abundantly alive than the most vivacious person you know. The human body is wonderfully crafted, but gravity and the inevitable effects of aging weigh it down. Even the most superb athlete cannot maintain his fitness over many decades. Lasting abundant life can be found in Me alone. Do not be anxious about the weakness of your body. Instead, view it as the prelude to My infusing energy into your being. As you identify more and more fully with Me, My Life becomes increasingly intertwined with yours. Though the process of aging continues, inwardly you grow stronger with the passing years. Those who live close to Me develop an inner aliveness that makes them seem youthful in spite of their years. Let My Life shine through you as you walk in the Light with Me.   Psalm 139:14  Colossians 1:29  1 John 1:7





Shared by Sarah Young Jesus Calling


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