The Light Of God’s Presence


Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, Lord. Psalm 89:15

This picture above speaks to me in so many ways. I am so ready to run into the Lord’s arms and just be held. I can think of so many dreams that I’ve had of being in heaven with him and not wanting to wake up. But yet, after I am awake I feel his presence still with me and it gives me so much joy and hope for what is ahead.

His Light shines on every situation in our lives in the present, past and, future. God’s Love is Everlasting! To know that the place of eternity in paradise is going to be bigger than you’ve ever imagined. To not have any darkness, hunger, pain or sadness. To eat anything you want and not gain a pound. To have your own mansion in heaven and not worry about it becoming old or run down, needing upkeep or paying a mortgage. All the flowers and roses up on a hill in a marble four-pillar rosegarden that looks like many sunrises and sunsets combined behind it.

He asks, to seek Him in all of our circumstances. Don’t allow anything or anyone obscure our view of the Lord. Come to Him in simple and humble ways. Expand your focus to always include Him in everything you do daily. Be the light, be loving, patient and kind to everyone you speak to and meet. You never know how much of an impact that will make on a person at that time. And it feels so good to share a compliment and help others in need when you can see they could use it. Always open your eyes and heart to the Lord to discern all of His communications to us. Just be still in the moment and listen.


Tamera Boynton





I LIVE IN YOU!  This four-word truth changes everything, wondrously improving your life both now and forever. Don’t worry about whether you’re an adequate home for Me. I joyfully move into believers’ humble hearts, where I work patiently on renovating them. But I refuse to dwell in people who think they are “good enough: without Me. I have called such hypocrites whitewashed tombs; beautiful on the outside but putrid on the inside. As you ponder the miraculous truth that I live in you, let your heart overflow with Joy! I am not a short-term tenant, indwelling you only as long as your behavior pleases Me. I have come to stay permanently I warn you, though, that My renovations can be quite painful at times. When My transforming work in you causes intense discomfort, cling trusting to Me. Live by faith in the One who loved you and gave Himself for you. As you continue yielding to the changes I’m making, you’ll become more and more fully the masterpiece I designed you to be.  Galatians 2:20  Matthew 23:27  Ephesians 2:10




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