Triumph In Christ



To Triumph in Christ is to have victory over Sin. Sin is a terrible thing. It brings shame and suffering to man, and ultimately the end of sin is death. The triumph over sin is in Christ because Christ is the Son of God. And when Christ laid down His life upon the cross of Calvary; He also laid down our sins upon His cross and triumphed over them for us. We know that men fail because they are sinners. But why is it that Christians fail? They fail because they forget the triumph is in Christ.  Also, triumph is always in Christ. Paul said he gave thanks unto God because God caused him to always triumph in Christ.  In other words, it’s not that some of the times there is victory and some of the times there is not; but there is always triumph in Christ. This is because whenever you turn to Christ you will find Him. He will never leave us or forsake us. And Jesus will always forgive us of our sins when we repent.  The story of the Corinthian man who fell into gross sin could have been a story of failure and of a wasted life, but it was not. Why?  Because the Corinthian man repented and gained the grace of God, it was a story of triumph in Christ.

To triumph in Christ means to find victory over sin, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  So for the Christian: “to triumph in Christ” means that they should be greatly encouraged because they are guaranteed that God will use their life as a shining beacon of the Gospel.

God’s truth is marching on. God’s will is that the glorious light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shed across the world; to chase away the night and the darkness. This will happen and it is happening now. And God’s will is to use you and me to perform this. God will use men to open other men’s eyes. Men and women like you and I and according to verse 14; it will be done in every place. The question is will you allow God to use you?

Walk away from every form of sin. Remember, you cannot hide from God. He see’s and hears everything that is said and done.

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