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Sometimes God answers prayers in Godspeed time and other days it seems to drag on and you wonder if you’re being heard or if you’re not worthy of being heard. Well, let me share with you that he answers prayers and his timing is always perfect.BELIEVE!

This is a new chapter in my life that God wants me to open, to take a deep breath in, and walk through it with patience and grace. Sharing testimonies, miracles, and answered prayers. It is with good intentions, in hopes this can help someone out there today to be strong and know that you are never alone and God is right there. If you ask you will receive. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

Dark shadows from the past. How many times have you found yourself looking back on the past hurts that you’ve endured? Whether that be forms of abuse by emotional, verbal, physical or sexual.This can be from childhood, your present life in a relationship or a marriage. Do you still listen to that harsh voice that attacked you and belittled you? Do you still see yourself as never being good enough for anyone or to successfully accomplish your dreams because that person wants to see you fail? Do you still have Flashbacks/PTSD? As many know that have experienced some form of trauma and abuse, it takes a very long time to heal. Seek help through a professional counselor and reach out calling upon the Lord. Don’t listen to satan’s whisper anymore. You are worthy and God wants you to know that.

God is always present. He hears and see’s every single thing that is said and done. He heard me last night and this morning he gave me my answers and a message. TO TRUST HIM. I opened the Bible and said okay Lord where do you want me today? And it was opened to the Book of Psalms.Please never second guess your intuition. It is a gift that the Lord has given to us and we need to listen to it. Pray on it, trust, and wait.

2004 I accepted my Lord Jesus Christ into my life and what an amazing journey I’ve experienced. All the praises and credit goes to him. He has answered prayers, healed, and shown me more miracles than I can comprehend. I am a testimony. I am thankful for my marriage of 23 years, my beautiful family, my job as a sub teacher, and my ability to have a healthy balance in my life to focus on my blog and on becoming an author and speaker someday. Now, I say someday because it is a work in progress. But I know it will happen. Everyone has endured a person’s brokenness and at some point their own in some area of their lives. I guess the Lord wants me to write about the past hurts, lies, betrayals and how Satan is right in the middle of it all. That dark shadow follows and wants to torment you. We have the power, blessings, and strength to abolish all strongholds.

Many people out there have such deep anger, hatred, and jealousy within them that they do not see or hear themselves. Seven years ago I received a hateful, mean spirited email from a woman that we won’t name, that is a complete stranger to me. Right away in the start of her conversation, she started labeling me as being uneducated, unbalanced and a religious nut and to get a life! Mind you, we have never met. So how could she know who I am?

I was yelling and sobbing wondering where did this evil, delusional and mean hearted stranger come from.I remember seeking God’s validation speaking aloud, God please help me here! yelling…. I AM EDUCATED!, I graduated high school, I’ve had some VOC tech schooling in nursing and was a Reserve at the Olympia Police Academy. I AM A FAITHFUL, LOVING AND DEVOTED WIFE AND MOTHER TO MY PRECIOUS FAMILY!. I AM BALANCED! I have the Lord holding me up through many trials and I’ve become stronger than I could ever imagine I’d be. And as for the Religious Nut? Well, honey, get in line because you’re not the first and won’t be the last person to say this to me. Christians will be persecuted. I am honored and proud of my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. God silenced my fears, self-judgment, and dried my tears. This empowered me and gave me hope.God reminds us that Satan is here to steal, kill and destroy! John 10:10 (CEB) The thief enters only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came so that they could have life indeed so that they could live life to the fullest.

My Marriage and My Family belongs to God first then to Me. God is bigger than Satan and all his minions out there. Therefore, all the evildoers and hateful people will never break me again. You cannot have, what was never meant to be yours. God took all the minuscule and shattered pieces of my heart and made it stronger and bigger than the one I had when born. It is strong as steel to fight back and gentle to still love and forgive.

Prayers were answered and God revealed what needed to be. He also surprised me with more than I could ever be prepared for. He is true to his word and his promises. God heals in time and allows you to pray for the lost and bless them when you want to lash out in rage and destroy them. The Lord will reward you and bless you.

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Welcome to Walking In Grace By Faith. I created my blog to share Christian Devotionals, Scriptures, and Testimonials. I am a Wife, Mom, Substitute Teacher, Grandma, Blogger and a Writer. My hobbies are many, ranging from Pinterest, Facebook, Cooking, Crafting, Painting and much more. Posts will most likely be posted every Saturday. You can receive an email if you wish to view and follow my blog. I'm in my 5th year of blogging and learning something new each day.

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