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Do You Believe In Miracles? Do you believe that God can heal you completely in every kind of sickness? Do you believe He can heal a broken marriage, an addiction, and so on? HE CAN! God is everywhere and He wants you to experience what my family and  I have. I’m currently in the works of creating my very first book on Miracles. I would be happy to share a story or two with you to give you an idea of what this book will be filled with. It is filled with Miracles, Testimonies that will give you hope, and if you don’t believe you will when you experience one for yourself.

Read your Bible and study the word. All the promises in the Bible are just that, never to be broken or misconstrued. God has the answers to your questions, so make the time to go to the Bible and look up whatever is laying on your heart and you will find the answers. He will never fail you.

Our son Connor, at the age of 12 years old, had a mole on his left side of his forehead for awhile. However, it kept bleeding on and off then scabbing and then the process again and again. So, having a mothers intuition, I make a phone call to the pediatrician and he takes a look at it and refers us to his son’s dermatologist. We have the mole removed and two weeks later we find out that he has A Typical Spitz Tumor Melanoma. We were told it will need to be removed as soon as possible and be at the OHSU Pediatric unit.

What parent ever asks themselves this question or better yet prepare themselves to ask this question to their child? Connor, you have a mole that has Cancer. This Cancer has to come out of you for you to get better. That means we have to take you to a doctor to take it out. And now pray that your 12 year old is going to understand?  Our son had no idea what it meant and how serious this was. Little did we know of all the procedures he’d have to endure before the actual surgery. We were told they would have to go before the medical board and ask for permission to use interferon  during surgery to place into the tumor site once it was removed. And then administred after in treatments. Yes, this was a big deal because he was still considered a juvenile. By the grace of God it was granted and the preparation began. We did all we could to educate ourselves on what it was and what procedure would be done to him. I can say as a parent to another when your child is in pain and hurting you hurt, and you find yourself angry, frustrated, asking why our child? why not me instead? how could such a loving God allow such a horrible and painful thing to happen? Finding myself sobbing uncontrollably in the bathroom begging God to not take our son. Many nights of praying, crying, not eating, and sleepless nights.

Mind you at this time I was operating a licensed preschool and daycare and was doing my best to keep it together. I had a wonderful group of parents that were supportive and understanding, minus one client that chose to be selfish and she was asked to leave. We had many people praying for Connor, Paige, Duane and I. We are so blessed to have such loving and supportive friends and family that truly care and prayed for us.

On top of all of this going on, our daughter Paige at that time 9 years old, was battling back to back ear infections and serious kidney issues since she was 18 mo old. We were taking her to a specialist to see if there were any issues with a kidney. Vomiting up bile and severely dehydrated would get her a trip to the emergency room and overnight stay. But when I started praying and asking the Lord to intervene and heal her, he did. She just could not understand what was going on. She knew she was really sick often and now her brother too and everyone was so sad. How confusing and scary for a 9 and 12 yro to go through. But Duane and I did our hardest to be strong and stay busy and keep our work schedules going to the best we could. And being careful to keep as much normalcy in the kids schedules as we could.

I was diligently making calls to  all the pastors I knew in local churches, families, friends to pray for Connor and Paige and please place them on a prayer chain. Was our family desperate and distraught over these unfortunate circumstances? YES! Did I lose hope ever? Yes, a few times because of what literature my husband and I were reading and what was ahead of us if Connor had to have chemo. And what if Paige needed a new kidney? Everyone in their life sooner or later experience hopelessness, fear, anger, resentment, pain and hurt that fester and so on. It will subside and all will be okay if you let it go and pray keeping your faith.

But one afternoon something came over me and I was given strength, hope, and faith. I was trying to rest on the couch due to another one of my migraine’s I was having. If anyone has ever endured a migraine you know the excruciating jack hammer pain that comes with it and I was doing my hardest to be still and not move and allow the medicine to kick in. With my eyes open and fully awake, I see this glow at the top right corner of our archway. Within this glow, there were two doves and the light glistened in yellow. I felt complete utter peace, joy, and relief. Immediately, the migraine left me. I could hear this voice loud and clear and deep, saying “DO NOT BE AFRAID, HEALING, ALL WILL BE FINE”. My heart jumped out of my chest! But I knew it was God speaking to me. Me!  God does not go back on his word. And to clarify something right now, it was not the migraine Excedrin medicine I took that made me “think” I heard or “saw” this. It happened! It was God telling me our kids would be healed and all will be okay. I shared this with my husband and family and I am not sure if they believed me or not, and I didn’t care. All I know is what I was told and I believe! So with time my praying became stronger and with more faith and power behind it.

Connor had to go through many tests before the actual procedure took place. Duane remained in the waiting area while I went in with our son to have something injected into his mole site so the radiology dept can see if  cancer has spread or not to any lymph nodes. The process was extremely painful for him. The doctor administrating this asked me if I was strong. I said yes. He asked again, both mentally and physically?  I was asked to do a bar hold my son across the table with my arms as Connor was asked to criss-cross his arms on his chest. Tearing my heart out as he screamed in pain as they did 5 small injections around his mole with this radioactive substance. Then they wait and trace it with a radiation pen and watch the screen to where it stops or if it stops on any vital organs. Miracle one, no organs affected and stopped right at where his spit gland was.

The next day is surgery and we are there early for pre op. We are asked to wait in the parents waiting area. Right away we were greeted by this beautiful African American woman that was so pretty. She wore a bright white blouse with a dark blue dress suit. She had a gold angel pin on her front left pocket. She grabbed my hands and asked if I believe in God and can she pray? I said yes I do believe and have been praying so we did. Of course, my husband is looking at her like where did you come from and at me like you don’t even know this person and she is touching you? I felt calm from her touch and her voice and how she handled herself and treated us and others in the room.

Finally, we are able to go to Connor’s room and visit with him before they prep him for surgery. It took so many tries to get the IV started because he was so dehydrated from not being able to have any fluids. That was not a happy experience for him. Finally, the anesthesiologist came in and did it on the first try and told him they were giving him a cocktail to make him feel happy. The red swollen face from an hour of crying when trying to get the IV in was now leaving his face and peace was on him. Seeing him being rolled into surgery was so hard. All I kept thinking was my baby he’s so young to go through this. However, we knew we had an outstanding dermatologist and plastic surgeon in there working on him. We were told in advance that the surgery would take about 3 in half hours.

So back to the parents waiting area. A very long and agonizing wait and praying silently under my breathe. Duane made a call to my sister in law which came out of town to stay with our daughter Paige and keep her company. Checking in to make sure she was doing okay and keeping her updated. Shortly after that, the same lady in the blue suit walks up and asks if we have eaten? I just couldn’t. Who can eat when their child is having cancer removed from their body? She was a tad on the bossy side I must say, but got us to leave for a bit eat something and come back.  The lady in blue remained there the entire time which for us in total was about 9 hours? We were the last parents to finally leave the waiting area when the phone rang and she was told Connor was now out of surgery and in recovery. It was evening time.

Both surgeons came out to talk to us and explained what they did and felt confident that all the tumor was out and how they shot interferon into the mole site and cut from the mole site down the hair line and behind the ear to the lymph nodes. Removing 3 lymph nodes and 1 spit gland. Explained to us the recovery time will be slow but he will be okay. Prepared us that when Pathology calls it will be then when we will know yes or no if he will need to return for chemo or radiation. To see your son’s face under those bandages looked as though he had went through a windshield. All the stitches, bloody gauzes, black eyes, black and blue and purple coloring from his forehead to his throat.

One week later, phone call comes back to tell us that he is in the clear and does not need any chemo/radiation. Miracle 2, Praise the Lord! God is good! Prayers anwered and miracle was done by our Lord! What a relief. So, now we wanted to send flowers to this very special lady in blue that was such a sweetie and had such a sense of humor. She was full of love, light and sang alot to herself but not anything annoying. I wanted to send flowers to her and a card as a thank you for being with us the entire time even though I know she was doing her job, but when I phoned switchboard, the person said I am sorry we don’t have a lady in that description on that floor. Becoming a bit ancy and peeved, I said can you please just transfer me to that floor and I will talk to someone there. So  they did and again, told the description of the person doesn’t match to who they have there. I really wanted her to get flowers and a heart felt thanks for the love she showered us with and how she remained positive and upbeat and funny the whole time we were there. Guess maybe she was angel? who knows.

Miracle 3, I can say this with all the truth in my words speaking from the heart, the power of prayer does heal. The faith and hope go one in one, overlapping like weaving a basket. Our daughter is healed and no more kidney infections or ear infections. Our son is healed and no more Melanoma. He still goes in every year but no more Melanoma! God heard my pleas and saw and heard my tears, he showed me He is always present and that nothing too big for me is ever too big for Him. God is bigger than anything we face in our life here on earth. God is everywhere.










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