Steadfast in Faith



Life……. Trying to face it with courage and hope, not letting go of faith in any given situation. Last week was a combination of many rollercoaster emotions and trials for my family and I. Our beloved cat Tigger of 11 years was diagnosed with mouth cancer and it had spread. The ache in my heart that our family had to make a decision and let him go to be with the Lord was so painful. The selfish side of me wanted the vet to start surgery and take out the ulcers and cancer immediately! But, when she explained that they do not support that suggestion and he is too old to be under anesthesia it is his time and he is suffering. With that being said, we made the choice to spend the last day/night with him and had him put to sleep on Tuesday afternoon.

Where does faith come into this conversation? To know that God is by our side comforting us during this difficult time. Tigger is in heaven now and will be greeting us when we leave this world. I accept that it was his time and he is no longer in pain. I remain in faith that someday God will place a new pet into our life that will continue bringing joy and laughter. But all in God’s timing.

The next day,  I head to my hometown in Olympia to be with my mother and sister. Our mother Sue,  was  diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. Scheduled Thursday early morning for a partial mastectomy. It was a very long daunting wait to have this procedure done. Mentally and Physically this was a trial for our mother she has never experienced. She originally was scheduled for 6:30 am and was told she would be the first patient in. Well, time continued clicking by and she was still in the ambulatory room patiently waiting to be prepped and head into surgery. Bumped 3 times due to others needing surgeries. Around 10 she headed to a room to be prepped and endured an extremely painful procedure so the surgeon could locate the tumor.

To see her in tears and trying desperately to be brave and not cry just tore my heart out. Shortly after, around 12:40pm she is prepped and heading into the surgery room for her surgery. Two hours later she is out and the doctor said he thinks he was able to get it all out but won’t know til Monday so it’s now the waiting game until we hear back from Pathology.  Praying and staying positive this chapter is done and she can go back to her active lifestyle.

As painful as this is with seeing our mom in pain and enduring the fear of the unknown we have to hold on steadfast in our faith and be strong for her. I have not stopped praying for her nor will the prayers cease. She is my warrior and I am so proud of her. I know that God has a plan for her and that is why this last mammogram showed the tumor early so she can have it removed and continue being in our lives. I have stopped asking the “Why’s” and instead, I’ve placed my full mind and soul and heart into prayer with the Lord Jesus and surrender all to Him. God has our blueprint in the book of life right in front of Him. He knows our thoughts, our needs and our trials we will face. He will always and forever be close by our side.

1 Corinthians 16:13
Be on the alert. Stand firm in the faith. Be men of courage. Be strong.




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